UI / UX Design

UI / UX Design

Like any other method, UX/UI Design is a process. Think about getting a piece of land to build a plaza. You draw some rudimentary sketches. Then there are the subterranean elements to work out, such as structural balancing and plumbing. You’re not done yet, though. You create amazing versions of the drawing for visual appeal. Subsequently, show these representations to prospective customers to see if they understand your concept for the environment and emotions they arouse.

The process

Who is this for?

Exploring the "why" behind it this understanding gives a foundation for the rest of the work by providing intention and purpose. Factors to consider before starting include identifying the target audience/user base and outlining product needs and objectives.


Address research needs with a focus on an effective user experience. Plan optimal layout, navigation, and elements for each page. The aim is to create seamless journeys to meet project objectives. Meticulous planning creates compelling designs for exceptional user experiences.

High Fidelity

It provides a realistic experience to the testers and enables them to give accurate feedback. Through prototyping, testers can identify what needs improvement and what is already working, which is crucial for the success of any product or service.


Analyze user experience to understand product intuition and meet audience expectations. Improve functionality, usability, and performance. Use usability testing to refine the product, launch user-friendly, intuitive, and optimized for success.

My Visual Design Career Path.

Throughout my career and personal pursuits, I have cultivated a passion for both the arts and sciences. I have honed my skills with a variety of tools, including pencils, brushes, scissors, combs, and shears to create art and sculpt hair. Additionally, I have developed proficiency with modern technology, utilizing the keyboard and mouse as a means of artistic expression. My diverse skill set gives me a unique perspective and the ability to approach projects from multiple angles.

Remote / Hybride 2019- Present

UI / UX, Graphics, Motion, Frontend Designer


UI / UX, Graphic
Frontend Designer

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Remote / Hybrid

UI / UX, Graphic, Frontend Designer



ui/ux visual, graphic, motion, membership site


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visual, graphic designer


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Illustrator, Graphic, WP Designer


Remote / Hybrid

UI/UX, WP Designer