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There was a time when a man received hair color he did not tell a soul.  Within the past 20 years, this silence has subsided. It has become acceptable in the American Culture. Men want to look young, just like their counterparts do.

One morning while you are in the bathroom, making yourself look wonderful for the day.  You realize this whitish grey strand poking out of your head. You sit there;  think to yourself… “This it. I am getting old!“  What do you do?  You grab the grey hair and pull it out. Impressive; but your impulsive manner doesn’t realize is- one can pull the grey out many times, but it is not going to kill the root.  Please don’t pluck or pull the grey strands out!

There Are Options!

Go Natural  *   Grey Blending  *  Semi Permanent  *   Permanent

Grey will creep up on you! Grey strands can happen for so many reasons and scientist still are not exact on why or when these little strands override your beautiful natural hair color.  Stress, medication, heredity, and sickness are the top four which can make you grey.  Coloring the grey will actually give you a younger look, more upbeat attitude and be able to manage the coarseness of grey with the softening agents in color.

 There are 3 different types of men for color:

1. The beginner

2. The sometimes man

3. The always man

grey blending – the beginner
Grey blending is a great way for a beginner to experience color. Grey blending will give you between 25%- 35% coverage and is a 5 – 10 minute process. It doesn’t fully conceal the grey; it blends the grey for a period of time. This color is used with 5 -10-volume developers and it fades out nicely. Depending on how often you wash your hair, it can last 2-4 weeks.  You will never have demarcation lines and people around you will notice not the “color” but  other attributes about you.  This is great way to ease yourself into color. It also gives you a trial period  to see if color is right for you.  The ways of applying it varies as well, you can have the entire hair covered, brush/combed in, or sponged in.

semi permanent – The sometimes man
This service is for a man would doesn’t mind having few grey strands but wants 50- 75% coverage. Semi permanent is processed for 25- 35 minutes with 10-20 volume developer.   It is slightly more permanent than grey blending option.  It will cover the grey but will  only “partially” penetrate the hair shaft.  The pigment “coats” the outer part of the hair shaft and does not contain ammonia, which means it can not penetrate fully into the hair shaft. Depending if your grey is 100% , 50%, or 25%., some of grey will show as “highlighted”, it will never cover every strand of grey! You may see demarcation lines when regrowth appears.  Semi Permanent will last between 3-6 weeks. You can also have it applied fully, comb/brushed, or sponged.

permanent color – the always man
This service is for a man that wants no grey to show. It takes about 45 minutes to process and uses 20 /30 volume developer . You will have 95 -100% grey coverage and demarcation lines will appear with regrowth.  Permanent color last between 4-8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows and how often you get a  haircut.  I used Age Defy by Joico for this process. Age Defy is breakthrough permanent hair color that actually reverses the aging of hair. It has a 3- Defense Technology[1] and a Quadramine Complex, which restores hairs soft, silky texture, revives the luster and it has an extraordinary long lasting coverage for grey hair. You can also have it applied fully, comb/brushed in.  For maximum results, full application is required.

Don’t be afraid to color your hair. You deserve to look the best you can. These three options are great for any man.  Make your appointment today! You never know if you will like color,  if you don’t try!


-Adriane Beveridge, Cosmetologist

[1] 3-Defense Technology: blend of time released Lipids, essential Amino Acids and Bio-mimetic Ceramides

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