About Me

I have 30 years experience with client services from various industries. Within the
personal appearance industry are several facets; from leading a staff over 40
employees, training, educating & writing curriculum to freelancing. In addition
to this, I have 20 years in graphic & digital/website design, plus 12 years in ticketing
industry running events, cash management, operating the ticketing back end

All these areas has greatly enhanced my interactions with clients. My mother
always told me, “Know your Customer”. I have taken this quote seriously since
I was young. I have had clients from all around the world which aided in my
education & knowledge of how other cultures & religions behave. I understand
how to adapt to different cultures and personalities extremely well. I believe my
patience is a an asset to aid in accomplishing the results wanted. As well, I believe
in consistency is a key to success


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