Yelp! The Filter Reviews they hide…

Never understood why Yelp filters reviews clients add about your business. But here the ones that the lovely filter robot is not showing you! Thank you to the clients that have written reveiws! ūüôā

You can also go to my Recommendation page under the Book an Appointment link to view more! Thank you again to my awesome clients!

8 Filtered Reviews on Yelp! for Adriane Beveridge

Photo of Msefk A.Msefk A., Baltimore, MD
five_stars_yelp 4/28/2012
Adriane cuts my hair awesomely. ¬† She also dyes and bleaches it for me when necessary and does an AMAZING job. ¬† She’s approachable, friendly, glowing and expertly social. ¬† She takes her career seriously and it shows in her work.
Photo of Eric W.Eric W., Baltimore, MD

A great stylist who always cuts my hair exactly how I like it. Adriane is friendly and fun to chat with too.

Photo of Aaron M.Aaron M., Baltimore, MD


My nature is to be a creature of habit. I also have a hard time explaining what kind of cut I’d like. Adriane is awesome. She understands what you’re after with a quick explanation and she takes over. I will visit Adriane for hair cuts as long as she’s cutting hair. She is also fun, easy-going, and a nice addition to a busy day.

Photo of Doug B.Doug B., Baltimore, MD

five_stars_yelp 1/12/2012
I took my 4 year old to Adriane for his first haircut awhile ago and have been going back to her ever since. She always does a nice job and is good with my son as well.

Photo of J R.J R., Baltimore, MD
five_stars_yelp 1/11/2012
Adriane made my fussy bangs behave in what seemed like no time, and gave me the best cut I’ve ever gotten. ¬†I got exactly what I asked for; she was very easy to talk to about what I wanted, and super-helpful.

She is fantastic!

Photo of Abby O.Abby O., Glen Burnie, MD

After years of going to here, there, and everywhere to get my hair cut I finally found Adriane. ¬†She listened to exactly what I wanted. ¬†She’s so friendly and approachable (I hate stylists that don’t hear me). ¬†She gave me her expert opinion and tips on how to keep my hair looking it’s best. ¬†I was thrilled when I walked out. ¬†She’s the best!!

Photo of Sandy C.Sandy C., Baltimore, MD


My son has some wild Hair, grows like weeds! I’ve taken him to many barbers and even women stylists and he has always been a little disappointed. He came from getting his hair cut ¬†from Adriane and Loved it! You know how Teens are…(never satisfied) I was amazed that this time he was very happy with his hair cut! ¬†She did a great Job!

Photo of Theresa C.Theresa C., Baltimore, MD


A has been doing my hair for over a year. Although her specialty is men, she is amazing with women too! She colored my hair and I am never disappointed! I used to dread getting my hair cut…too short, not what I wanted, but no A does an outstanding job!

Cheers to Five Stars!

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