Ray F.
“In today’s highly competitive world, looking your best is directly related to feeling good, and ultimately performing to the best of our abilities. Adriane consistently gives a professional, detailed, and affordable haircut to men of all ages. Whether you’re looking to land that first job, or sitting in the corner office overlooking Central Park, Adriane delivers a top quality product every time.”
ADRIANE is my stylist and I would classify her to be the BEST !!! She is extremely friendly  and knows exactly what I want…….she is one very confident professional hair stylist, and always ensures that my experience with her is one to remember, and that I leave the shop with a ‘smile’ on my face…..every hair cut experience with Adriane is of ‘Tip Top’ quality…….Adriane goes out of her way to make my experience a happy one. Adriane is #1 in my book…THE BEST !! Any salon is  very lucky to have such a wonderful person as Adriane on their staff. Cheers!
Bill S.
“Adriane is without a doubt the most talented and attentive hair stylist I have ever been to. Unlike so many of her peers who speed cut most men, she takes her time and really listens (and hears) what you want to have done to your hair. She’s also very interesting to talk to and very funny. She has been my stylist for two years. PLEASE give her a chance to prove herself to you. You won’t be disappointed. “
Adam K.
“I love Adriane Beveridge American Crew Certified! Definitely book your next appointment here! She is pleasant to deal with. She comes up with great ideas for new looks and is honest. She is a great conversationalist and doesn’t make sitting in he chair “uncomfortable”. I definitely would recommend her to anyone…and she is great with men’s hair.”
Eric S.
“It is nice to have finally found a hairdresser that really listens to what I want, and understands it. I have never left her chair any less than completely happy. My wife was so impressed by what Adriane has done to my hair, that she is now a client. In fact my whole family is now getting their hair cut buy Adriane. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends.”
Brian S.
“Absolutely Fabulous. Adriane has cut my hair for a number of years and always does a great job. I can tell because I am a stylist as well. Im sure i annoy her with my crazy demands and wild expectations but she never lets me down.”
Ric P.
“Excellent stylist and my go to always!! Adriane has a talent for hair the same way that a great artist has the talent with a brush. She can take a look at you and visualize what will work best for you, and without the bs that some stylist dish out who are only interested in your money and not your look. She’s sincere and really does know her craft, that’s the difference. ”
Msefk A.
Adriane cuts my hair awesomely.   She also dyes and bleaches it for me when necessary and does an AMAZING job.   She’s approachable, friendly, glowing and expertly social.   She takes her career seriously and it shows in her work.
I give Adriane 5 Stars! She is a Big Deal here in Maryland!
I highly recommend Adriane, She is a Pro!
My experience with Adriane is great!  She gave a great haircut and was extremely efficient, professional and cordial. 
Adriane colors my hair so well, no one knows I color it!
Adriane is the best! Best haircuts I’ve ever had!!
Eric W.
A great stylist who always cuts my hair exactly how I like it. Adriane is friendly and fun to chat with too.
Aaron M.
My nature is to be a creature of habit. I also have a hard time explaining what kind of cut I’d like. Adriane is awesome. She understands what you’re after with a quick explanation and she takes over. I will visit Adriane for hair cuts as long as she’s cutting hair. She is also fun, easy-going, and a nice addition to a busy day.
Brian I.
” I have been going to Adriane for about a year and I have been very impressed how she approaches hair. She has amazing skills as a stylist. That, along with her chair-side manner shows how professional a stylist she is. I highly recommend Adriane.”
Brenda R.
“I am so happy that I found Adriane! I love to wear my hair SHORT and she cuts it perfectly! She is a master with the razor and is a true hair artist. She makes sure I am looking my best when I leave the salon.”
Shane G.
“Adriane is the best. My hair was rockin this weekend ha! all due to Adriane’s attention to detail and skill set.”
Adriane is awesome!
Makara B.
“This lady knows her way around a great haircut, not only that but she also really listens to what you want. she cut my hair with only a razor which is exactly what i wanted and she was very active about asking me what i thought at every step. I will definitely be returning for many more cuts! Also she didn’t make me sit there while she blow dried my hair and that is a huge positive in my book!”
Matt H.
“Adriane Beveridge is a total pro! Definitely book your next appointment here!”
Allan S.  
” I particularly like Adriane’s attention to detail is fresh and stylish. Simply put, Adriane will cut your hair to make you look your very best!”
Peter W.
“I love Adriane! Been going to her for three years, great for Men’s hairstyles.”
Todd H.
“After years of looking in Baltimore for someone who knows how to cut mens hair, I found Adriane. She actually listens and delivers. Amazing!”
Doug B. 
I took my 4 year old to Adriane for his first haircut awhile ago and have been going back to her ever since. She always does a nice job and is good with my son as well.
J R.
Adriane made my fussy bangs behave in what seemed like no time, and gave me the best cut I’ve ever gotten.  I got exactly what I asked for; she was very easy to talk to about what I wanted, and super-helpful.   She is fantastic!
Abby O.
After years of going to here, there, and everywhere to get my hair cut I finally found Adriane.  She listened to exactly what I wanted.  She’s so friendly and approachable (I hate stylists that don’t hear me).  She gave me her expert opinion and tips on how to keep my hair looking it’s best.  I was thrilled when I walked out.  She’s the best!!
Sandy C.
My son has some wild Hair, grows like weeds! I’ve taken him to many barbers and even women stylists and he has always been a little disappointed. He came from getting his hair cut  from Adriane and Loved it! You know how Teens are…(never satisfied) I was amazed that this time he was very happy with his hair cut!  She did a great Job!
Theresa C.
A has been doing my hair for over a year. Although her specialty is men, she is amazing with women too! She colored my hair and I am never disappointed! I used to dread getting my hair cut…too short, not what I wanted, but no A does an outstanding job! Cheers to Five Stars!
Anna D. 
“A is very dedicated to her art. Her understanding of client’s needs, as well as the importance of precision within a cut and time management are superior. She also provides entertaining conversation :)”

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