Men and Hair Loss

norwoodchartWhy am I losing my Hair!

The worst thought for a man, is losing his hair. When men think of about a full head of hair, the word “youth” comes immediately to their thoughts. Men start getting more concerned of hair loss in mid 20s.   Stress, medications, chemicals, and lack of oxygen to the scalp are some contributors to hair loss.  Interesting enough, it’s the testosterone and genetics which is giving you the trouble of hair loss.  Better known as DHT.

What is DHT?
DHT is Dihydrotestosterone. It is a male sex hormone (testosterone) in which it is connected to adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes and prostate. When a man has high levels of DHT it affects hair follicles and also increases the size of the prostate. Interesting fact, your sex hormone controls not only your ability to thrive sexually but also controls the growth and strength of your hair.

What happens to your hair when high levels of DHT are being produced in your blood stream? This is called Miniaturization. Miniaturization is when high levels of DHT are in the hair follicle, more specific the papilla. It begins to block the nutrients to the papilla. The hair follicle begins to become malnutrition and starts its dying process. The hair follicle will begin to get thinner over time and eventually the DHT will take over and stop the hair follicle from growing.

Can DHT be blocked?
Yes. It can. There are options to stop the progression of DHT. You can visit the doctor and get a prescription. Or speak with a hair industry expert, who sells topical systems for the scalp. The medications are stronger since it will go immediately into the blood stream but there are side effects from these medications, in which, you may want to try the hair product systems first.

Doctor Prescribed
There are two medications the FDA has approved for blocking the sensitivity of DHT.

This is a male ONLY drug. Women or children cannot take it or come in any contact. This medication contains Finasteride, which blocks the DHT from forming within the blood stream of males. It takes at least a year to see any progressing of hair growth. This drug is also used when males have enlarged prostates.  There are side effects that can occur. The main one is very low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction.

Was originally made for high blood pressure, but during clinical trails researchers noticed people growing hair in strange places on the body. They redeveloped the medication and invented a topical cream to place on the scalp where natural thinning of hair is present. Its progression depends on how damaged the hair follicle is. If you are beginning to thin, you will see, in time, a significant difference in the thickness and growth of your hair. If the hair follicle is highly damaged from the DHT, in most cases, it won’t help much but sustain what is already there.

Professional Hair Industry Products

NIoxin has been around for some time. You see it sold in almost every hair salon or barber shop in the USA. They have a 3-step system. Nioxin has 3 different hair categories, normal to thinning, thinning, and coarse hair. All systems have a chemically treated line with the natural line. This will be a shocker, but according to the Nioxin Research Laboratories, the two main ingredients are sunscreen. 4% is a chemical called phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid, (ensulizole) and the other ingredient at 1.6% is sulisobenzone. There is another large ingredient in Nioxin; the Vitamin B family (research of Vitamin B has concluded the lack of Vitamin B in the body can also cause-thinning hair). Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), Vitamin B9 (folic acid), Vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B7 (biotin), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), a synthetic form of Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B1(thiamine). Other ingredients are co-enzyme A, glycoproteins and melanin.

American Crew Hair Recovery System
Going through American Crew Educator Training personally and having my clients try this product. I can say, without a doubt, this products does what it says. This product has a different way of blocking the DHT to the hair follicle, with very natural ingredients. The main ingredients are Hops (stimulate growth), Rosemary (awakens the blood stream), Swertis Japonica (stimulates weak hair follicles). Just like Nioxin, American Crew has a system but it’s a bit simpler. You wash your hair with the Hair Recovery Shampoo and open one of the ampoules after your hair is dried and rub the oil directly on the thinning area of the scalp. The oil isn’t oily either; it seeps through the skin layer into the blood stream.  You can see a difference within 30 days if taken every day.

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